Guy do you like this look on a girl?

So I have a lightish brown hair, with light brown eyes (theres gold flecks in there too haha) and I'm pretty tan. And I was wondering if I should get highlights in my hair, but wasn't sure. Would my hair look good with highlights inn it? And guys do you like it when a girl has highlights in her hair?

thanks :)


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  • yes girls look real hot win they have high lights if they are dune right

    • would it look bad if the highlights were like blonde? lol I dnt want to have blond streakes in my hair but...i was js...

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    • back at you :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • i really just don't like it when girls pay so much attention to their hair or appearance in general.

    sadly tho, most girls are like that.

    • im not like much girls when it comes to that...i was just wondering what guys think of girls with highlights cause a lot of girls get them

    • hmm, I hope so.

      like I said, I don't care for it, even if it does look good.

    • haha okay

  • No pictures, no opinion. Sorry.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well I'm a girl but get what you want ha ha but I actually don't like blond highlights if they're not natural, but whatever, do what you want :)

    • haha not looking to put bright blond highlights lol...i just want a few lighter colors in there lol

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