What are some style of clothing or whatever that you think will always remain?

I think these things will always remain stylish:

1. Plain tees

2. Jeans with no holes

3. Suits

4. diamond rings

5. Pearl necklaces



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  • I agree with your list, and the only thing I have to add is the little black dress.


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  • Jeans are always in style, totally agree, just pick out the right pair. I've seen women pick out a pair of those old grandma jeans were it makes you look like you have no ass and they pull it up to their chin. It looks horrible omg.

    • totally agree, I don't really like wearing those types of jeans that go all the way up to the middle of my stomach.

    • god I really hate that

  • Hmm, for women:

    - little black dress

    - summer dress

    - slim fitting black pant

    - white shirt

    - pearls

    - diamond stud earnings

    - heels

    - classic purse, i.e. black crocodile

    For men:

    - suit (charcoal grey or blue, single breast)

    - dress shirts in white or pale blue

    - black oxfords

    - grey trousers

    It would be nice to act like things like converse or asics or repro levis or whatever are classics, but they've been in, and out, and in, and out in my lifetime.

    By contrast, you could drop a few thousand on diamond stud earrings and not regret it 30 years from now.


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  • I agree with your list. I think converses as well, they haven't yet and they probably won't for a long time :)

    • I also have a pair of product red converse all stars :)

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