Have any of you gotten more unattractive than a couple of years ago?

I feel like my appearance has changed considerably from 2 or 3 years ago (I am currently 22). I can tell I have changed based on the comments I get from my siblings and the lack of attention I get from cute guys :(.

I used to be 15 lbs lighter and everything about me was more brighter and prettier. The evil aging process couldn't possibly have started now! I'm only 22... I hope I can get back to where I started with a more healthier diet and regular exercise.

It also seems like my appearance gets worse during the summer time, than when I am actually going to school...Can anybody relate?

Has anybody's appearance changed from a couple of years ago? Does it feel like you're living a completely different quality of life?

Interesting how more guys than girls responded...and I thought image was more important to women


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  • Yea I did, I went from being a very healthy weight and just 2.8% body fat! I was so freaken cut that it was ridiculous (I had an 8-pack haha). I used to notice girls checking me out all the time, my friend that worked at the gym tolled me that the cute life guard that also worked there really wanted to have sex with me (I didn't make a move, am such a f***ing idiot). There were so many girls that would actually hit on me which felt awesome and annoying when the girl was gross lol. Then I had my heart broken and stopped working out all together since I was miserable, and then college started...and so on with the crappy excuses. Am now underweight and just look like any other skinny guy, I have lost about 30 pounds of solid muscle, that's two years of working my ass off six days a week two hours a day. The amount of times I get hit on in a year now is the same amount I used to get hit on in a week...and they say girls aren't just as shallow as guys HA! And yea it does feel like a different life I have less energy now, none of my new friends (it's a good thing I have my old friends to confirm) believe me that I was that fit, and the very worse part is they won't take any of my advice when they're talking about working out just because am skinny, they tend to forget that I was about to become a personal trainer. And the not getting hit on part sucks the most (tilts head and has flashbacks).

    • 2.8% is not healthy actually

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    • anything bellow 2.5% isn't healthy, most Olympic athletes are between 2.5-3%

    • anything below 5% is considered unhealthy

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  • I think my appearance has changed for the better, but a lot of things have happened, too. I've found a style which I feel comfortable wearing (clothes-wise), I've found myself more as a person (self-aware and that sort, found who I am/want to be), I've found a haircut I like, know how I like my facial hair, and I've also lost 60 pounds... I'm finally getting to a "thin" weight for my frame, and that's plenty change in itself. So as much as my appearance has changed, I have personally changed all the same.

    Am I living a completely different quality of life? Maybe in some ways... I'm better equipped to deal with life's issues and am more aware of how people work than I was before, which certainly makes a difference, but women still don't seem to take much interest in me in a romantic sense. Though I've been through enough, I figure, that I'm plenty OK with just adopting and being a single parent, haha. I'm plenty happy being single, which is a huge change in itself. I've always battled loneliness, but at this point I've survived everything life's thrown at me on my own. I don't need another person in my life, and that change is one I'm very pleased with. And I'm one to believe that who we are on the inside has a huge affect on how we appear on the outside.

  • Not at all. My face is finally getting manly instead of boyish features, I've got much more beardgrowth, I've finally started growing chest hair and I got ridden of my boyish haircut.

  • I don't believe I've really changed all that much at all.

  • not at all I think I'm getting manlier looking I feel like I'm getting better looking actually

    • there is a simple reason girls probably don't answer, girls get worse looking with age after about I don't know the down hill starts around 20

    • not down hill but peak and it just levels there for a few years and then the drop starts at around 25ish

    • guys will peak around 28 it seems and level off to about 35 then start dropping at least that's what it looks like

  • On the contrary, I'm looking much better.

  • I feel the opposite.


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  • Well stop complaining about your weight and do something about it lol

    Do you think that all the people who look great at 25 are all lucky and just have great genetics? lol

    Here are some workout advice for people who wants to lose weight, but I personally prefer sports to stay in shape rather than working out...

    You need to incorporate stretching before and after working out.

    Stretching also helps your muscles become less sore the next day.

    Dynamic stretching before workout and long static stretching after a workout.

    working out builds muscles and without stretching they will tighten up and you will lose a lot of flexibility in a short amount of time if you are not careful.

    I would suggest trail running for 45 to 60 minuets 3 times a week because it is more fun and go slow if you are trying to lose weight because going fast makes you gain more muscle while you can keep up a slow run longer and burn more calories.

    Run in an area with hills if you want a change of resistance though out the workout.

    running is a great way to get amazing abs because it takes a lot of balance to run even though we don't often notice it.

    Try to do workouts that incorporate balance into it, that way you are constantly working out your abs in more ways than you would with situps.

    - squats on a bosu ball with medicine ball

    - push pus on a bosu ball or medicine balls

    - do dumbbell press lying on a exercise ball

    - lunges with weights

    - Incline pull ups

    - dumbbell step ups

    - mountain climber

    Power sets are also really good for working out because the rest between sets lowers body temp which causes less fat burn so if you do your arms or legs then during you rest time go the other one so that you are constantly moving. Or you can also just do something easy during rest like step ups or jump rope.

    After a work out you should not feel exhausted but energized like you could fly. If you feel like you've just been toughly beaten by a world champion in boxing then you have pushed yourself too hard.

    It is important to go easy to begin with and then increase intensity.

    You should also change you routine every 3-4 month because you body adjusts to you work out and is no longer challenged so it doesn't need to improve...

    Between changes of workout you should take a week off so that your body can have time to repair itself, and it helps prevent injury. ( I was a bit obsessed with heavy weight training and didn't start slow or rest and now I had to stop because my wrist can't take the strain anymore. =(. )

    I also suggest taking up a sport because it is much more fun way to burn more fat and make you training that much more worth while. At least that is what I find =)

    I personally lose the most weight when I stop working out... when I worked out and played sports I weighed 17 pounds more and with just sports I weight 7 pounds more xD when I did neither I weighed 103 and I am 5 foot 2.5


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