What can I do about my hair?

I have very thin (low density), fine hair. I've always been like this. It runs in my family, I'm not ill or anything that would cause hair loss. I just don't have much hair. While I don't have much hair, it's very shiny, has nice color and is very soft. I Haven't got a haircut in almost 2 years (because I hate when stylists comment on how thin my hair is) so right now it's very long. Some people compliment me on length and shine, but others comment on how thin my hair is... I just want to tell them to stfu, I didn't choose my hair and I can't help that it's thin!

Anyway... I don't wanna wear it short because I don't think that's femenine and also because it wouldn't flatter my face (it's round) nor my head (it's big). I've also heard my male friends a lot of times say that women look 10x better with long hair, that they prefer long hair and that no guy actually prefers short hair. Yet everyone with thick hair just suggests me to wear my hair short, like it's no big deal, of course they wouldn't get how embarrassing having thin hair is.

So is thin hair a problem? I'm not like bald, but I can't do much with my hair, some scalp shows if I'm not careful with ponytails, etc. I just hate thinking that my hair screws up my whole look! I'm generally told I'm pretty and I just hate to think that hair could ruin all that. And extensions are not an option because my hair is fine so it's more fragile than thicker hair and that means extensions can easily cause breakage or hair loss... plus my hair is thinnest on the top of my head where you can't put extensions.

Will guys detest my hair? I just hat how thin it is, and I get so embarrassed because of the stupid people who have commented on how thin it is. I feel so self conscious that no matter if my face looks good, or I have a nice body, that my hair is ugly and ruins everything because I've heard a lot of people say that hair is the most femenine feature. I feel like less of a woman.


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  • Use Dabur Amla link

    When I was a child, I used to have very thin hair nearly bald. That's when my mum started to use this oil on me. It's magical, trust me. My hair grew thick, shiny and healthy.

    Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, Iranians, etc...use this product and that's why they have beautiful hair.

    You can find it at a local Indian store or but it online. It's a mixture of oils. Put it on your hair 2-3 hours before you shower, at least once a week.

    And look good for yourself, not for others :)


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  • All this text... and no picture. Shame shame shame.

    My imagination doesn't know what to do... are you Captain Picard? A cancer patient? Or some girl who worries too much? I don't know...

    • I'm anon for a reason :P I'll try to look for a pic that doesn't show my face or something.

  • if it has a nice color, is shiny and very soft, then it should be alright..

  • Personally I like long shinny thin hair it's kind of a turn on for me lol


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  • I think it isn't a problem at all. Love yourself at first.
    I can recommend using some solid shampoo (usually they are in form of soap). I don't know, how it works, but when I use this shampoo, I feel that my hair isn't so thin. Also, for my short hair (I'm pretty sure it will work for your long hair too) I use often curling iron. I curl or just make some waves. It gives me extra volume, so it seems like I have thicker hair. Try it.


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