Handsome guys who lose average women?

If you take aguy who women are very attracted to and he dates average looking girls, why do they try to leave or mess up the relationships? Why can't they just enjoy the union? Even with a mild, hard working temperment, honest, witty, is this fear of loss? I don't cheat, I don't lie, I keep a job, I don't drink often, never use drugs, I don't get it?
Why am I considerate, funny, a good listener, intellegent, and as I am told "what every girl is looking for" why are women trying to blow the relationship when it starts going real good? Real good in terms of both parties.
True, the male could be selfcentered even with his own ambitions to not be, even psychiatrists need therapy maintenance right?
I think what everyone is saying is correct, sorry Habakkuk, I am trying to isolate the times when it is not so simple, when understanding why the female would do this is important.


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  • I don't get your question.

    • Scroll up.

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    • True, no not all girls do that but, relationships should be a compromise not just laying in a bed and doing dishes, having babies. I agree though.

    • So true.

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  • Because relationships aren't based completely on looks, if you realized that, you wouldn't lose so many women

    • Thank you fred flintstone freud.

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    • I disagree with habakkuk, and that's okay, we can do that. Looks are not a realization here, it is not beacuse the guy thinks he is attractive it is that he is attractive but he seems to really dig into the foundations of good relationships.

    • well, sometimes it can be a case of not knowing what you've got until it's gone, or that nice guys aren't interesting, or that they're going with the wrong type of girl

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