My boyfriend is making a fuss about my hair and it's driving me crazy, advice?

he's nice sweet protective and all ! but when it comes to my hair he hates it to the max limit ! I don't know why I mean my girlfriends always tell me it's so nice and that they wish their's was like my mine ! my hair in 80 cm it hides some part of my hips ... I never get a hair cut ! I just cut the lower parts of it so it grows more healthy but never had a serious haircut I love my hair but he will jus complain about it and say that I need a hair cut and I'm beginning to really get annoyed ! I mean it's nice ! I'm proud to have it ! and never in his life I'm gonna get a hair cut I want it to reach my toes :D


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  • it's your hair and your life, he has no right to expect you to change Because he wants you to. I think you should just tell him to stop complaining about your hair. Tell him that it's starting to p*ss you off.


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  • I'm gonna get a hair cut I want it to reach my toes

    ^ it's not that cool it's actually annoying but whatever

    Tell him it's your hair and your will do what you want with your body and that he needs to shut it.

    • shorter hair doesn't look nice on me anyway ! .. he does need to shut up ! really :D

    • shorter hair doesn't look nice on me anyway

      ^ sucks for you

      tell him that cutting your hair would make you less attractive pretty sure he'd shut it then

  • Actually some guys don't really like girl who has very long hair.I personally think that your hair sounds nice to be that long but you said you wanted it to be longer right(want it to reach your toes).Its actually too long but well If you feel happy and comfortable to have that hair,why would you mind about others opinion about it.Tell him that you will feel upset if you get a hair cut.If he really understand you,he will let you do what that makes you happy.I don't think he will break up with you just because of your long hair...^_^


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