Have I lost my chance with this guy? Should I give up?

About a year ago I met this guy at a local coffee shop and we hit it off really well. We went on a few dates and hung out a little bit. I was just getting out of a relationship so I told him before anything got serious that I just wanted to be friends although I really liked him and he liked me, I just didn’t want to start dating someone so fast when I wasn’t ready. We still hung out and went on a few friend dates. I was usually the one to text him first which never was an issue. Then one day we just stopped texting for about 6 months. I text I few months ago to see how he was doing and he has moved over 1000 miles away, I can't stop thinking about him now and because I like him I am over thinking things and don't text him very much (like once or twice a month) because I don’t know if he holds it against me that I told him we were just friends in the beginning. He jokes about it when we text. And the fact that we live so far away now. Have I lost my chance? Should I give up? I keep hoping he will text me first but its not his style. What do you think?
or does anyone have any advice on what to do from here


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  • i think you should give up. long distance probably wouldn't work out


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