Don't you guys wish that we could get good looking women to be more like the women in this article?

link I wouldn't want women to dress like those women but to act more like them. What are your thoughts and opinions on this? I'm sure this is the kind of news Eminem loves to read about.


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  • I totally envy their home decor and clothes! Especially the first girl's kitchen. ADORABLE.

    I think it's kind of cool that they're so devoted to immersing themselves in living in, like, this retro little world, and as long as they do it out of choice and don't force their opinions on others (like, that second girl sounded pretttty damn self righteous) I'm sure it works for them. I probably wouldn't do that, but I don't judge.


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  • If you read any women's studies history book or scholarly article, you will find out that those women were either unhappy about their life (lack of rights, lack of options, responsibilities, etc.) OR too simple and/or brainwashed to be unhappy.

    I think you need to elaborate.

    • What I mean is I wish women these days would have the mentality that those women have about society. Women these days want instant gratification and those women just like to go with the flow. Those women don't argue over who should do what. Those women don't have a history of sleeping around while women these days do and it makes it hard for the guy to trust a woman.

    • You obviously didn't either read or understand my answer, so let me rephrase and repeat it:

      Those women in real life, weren't like the ones in books and on television. I don't know what you mean by going with the flow, because women in those days has much less options for leisure, etc. Their schedules were very structured in fact. They didn't argue because women were viewed as subordinate and submissive back then.

    • The women that did argue were either cheated on, beaten, or divorced by their husbands. Women back then didn't date. Marriages were arranged. After time, women were allowed to "meet" men, however they obviously didn't date or have casual relationships like they do now.

      Btw, some women slept around; they just didn't do it openly.

      I just want you to know that the reason for the differences between then and now is all all about patriarchy and how male-run society was back then. But I understand

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  • lol that looks like a fetish type thing... you can argue this either way, but I have no problem with the girls of "today" lol

    • Don't you think that women these days have a much smaller heart than women from back then? And don't you have a problem with the fact that women these days play so many mind games?

    • i don't think it's really that bad, you just have to find the right girl. Going by that argument, guys are douches, not polite or chivalrous anymore, and are players nowadays



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