Would you do Surgery if you were UGLY

Would you do surgery if you were ugly? For what price?


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  • I am ugly and I would never have surgery. I would feel even worse about myself if I got plastic surgery because I would feel so fake. Also whenever I think about how much plastic surgery is I shudder because it is such a selfish thing. I mean think about all the money people spend making their fat asses skinny? You could feed the world with that money.


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  • ever heard that

    saying that's

    like about one

    mans trash is

    another mans

    treasure. I'm pretty

    sure it can also

    apply to women

    cause I seen some

    butt ugly girls with


    and they were UGLY.

    if they can get a bf

    you can do it too

  • only if I were a paedophile...


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