Getting rid of the green eyed monster?!

There is this winter formal at my Old high school and if I didn't graduate a few years early I would be a senior. I want to go and see all my old friends and pretend that I'm a normal 17 year old for just one night but my boy friend doesn't want me to go. I don't get it I would be going with my friends (no dates aloud haha). High school boys are nothing compared to my guy lol:) I don't understand why he doesn't trust me it is no big just going to experience everything everyone else does. I was too young to go to prom when I graduated I kinda just want to round out my high school experience and chill with my fiends just one more time. I really like my Boyfriend but I'm going to the dance. How do I tell him I will do what I wish weather he likes it or not. I don't like this controlling side and I don't ever want to see it again.


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  • Girl just put it down and say I'm going if he don't like it o well.

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