Girls: Is their any way for flat feet to not look flat?

I just don't like flat feet in women. So many shoes do not look nce on then, specially mid to high heels. Even wedges look horrible. Have you found any way to get rid of that flat base and make it look less abnormal? As much as it was my biggest fantasy to be with a women who had pretty feet, my partner has flat feet and I don't like most shoes on her. So sad, our kids are taking that from her. Sad part is, none of them realize or admit that.
People who do not have a "fetish" for pretty hands and pretty feet always find it "weird" and "creepy". They do not get it .. It's as simple as that.


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  • ouch...

    so apparently I'm screwed?

    • Don't be. If you are fine with it then why worry. But I am concerned about myself because I am too particular about pretty hands and feet. (You may think I'm a weirdo, but I find nothing wrong with that).

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  • You seem kinda creepy :) You think it's abnormal to have flat feet? It's actually common. And to think it is sad that your children have flat feet is weird...


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  • this is f***ing weird...theyre just feet, dude.


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