Why do people judge gay people?

When I come across gay people I find them very interesting, funny, and sometimes can give very good advice, I typically can care less about people being gay or not because I think people should live however they want to live, but I noticed that a lot of people tend to judge them, what your opinion on gay people?


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  • Religion and ignorance, which go hand in hand anyway, is usually behind it. That sums it up.

    I'm bisexual and happy to be so. It's the world that should change, not me.

    • That's very selfish of you, but you're still right

    • "It's the world that should change, not me." I really like that.

    • Although I guess that should end in "not I" instead of "not me" now that I think about it, but meh.

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  • People have various reasons, many of them stemming from religion, theories about homosexuality being "unnatural" or bad for society/ populations/ the gene pool in some way, fear or lack of understanding, or simply buying into stereotypes or prejudices constructed by society.

    You should know that in your statement "I find them very interesting, funny, and sometimes can give very good advice" you are being as biased as someone who is against homosexuality. Positive prejudice is prejudice too, and if you believe that gays should be treated equally, that also means not favoring them. Everyone has different characteristics regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and while there may be certain trends or tendencies, assuming that all homosexuals are interesting, funny, good people, etc. is as much a prejudice as it would be to assume that they are all bad people. Neither is conducive to equality.

    • In what way am I being biased? My statement clearly stated that I see them as normal people if you were to actually read between the lines. I guess I see the majority of them as kind of interesting because of their thoughts about life compared to the thoughts of heterosexuals and in some ways they do tend to give good advice. If that is bias, then I guess your right about me being biased then.

  • has to do with the bible and people following those teachings and teaching it to their kids and through generations. I also think its a social phobia/ignorance thing. people automatically see you with someone gay and think your both that way so its stigma. personally I love and adore gays, lesbians,trans whatever although I'm straight. love is love

  • They have a religion that condems and a mean scary god.

    I have gay friends and they are just like all others.

    I love all my friends and would never judge them.

  • Lack of social grace, just plain ignorance, believing or accepting a stereotype? It seems to me that being judgmental has become a human nature. I know I was guilty of it when I was younger, but as I have gotten older I have matured a great deal. I try very hard not to judge others as I believe that is reserved for a higher power.

    I do not have a problem with gay people. I love their jauntiness, stories and in many cases senses of style. Their lifestyle doesn't impact me in the slightest so why should I care? I treat them the same way I treat anyone else. They do the same to me.

  • A lot of people judge being gay because they don't understand it and it scares them. The few that do understand but still don't agree are usually just homophobes or have their own reasons for it.

    I for one LOVE gay people. If anything the best teacher I had in college is gay and he's seriously one of the coolest and kindest people you could meet. I have plenty of gay friends and they tend to make the best friends ever. I Love gay pride and it's not something to be ashamed of. Be proud to be gay.

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  • I don't mind gay or bi people

    they should have the same rights as straight couples

    I think it's different to the norm of a guy and girl relationship so people don't understand it

    Stereotypes which make people get the wrong impression of them

    The fact that they can't procreate which religion has shown it's distaste for which means some people grow up with their dislikeness for them

    • Interesting concept. I wonder if religion really do play a role in how people are judged.

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    • I think she might be one of them Lupe

    • Yeah, media has this 'Giveth and taketh away' stance on liberation. The media that freed them later gave them an increasingly bad name - ever notice how much more camp camp became over the past 40 years? It certainly did a lot more good than harm though.

  • This question is funny. Why do people judge gays? Then you judge gays. You judged them as being "very interesting, funny, and sometimes can give very good advice,"

    and then ask others to judge them. Really? LOL!

    • I don't consider myself judging them, by my comments I was referring them to being normal people, whereas its always idiots calling them names and such.

    • Haha! this is fun :)


      To form an opinion or estimation of after careful consideration

      :Informal To have as an opinion or assumption; suppose

      your opinion or assumption of gays it that they are "very interesting, funny, and sometimes can give very good advice,"

      You are judging them :) just in a positive light.

  • Often you don't need a reason to dislike something and you can't often explain why you dislike something or someone (for instance if you dislike sushi, you often can't tell why).

    I despise gays (specifically males), I don't hide it. They know that I don't appreciate their presence. Obviously I'm not getting medieval on their asses, nor I accuse them for being gay, but they quickly realize that I don't like them and there's no damn thing they can do about it.

    And it's hilarious to hear theories that "those who dislike them simply fear them". Yes, there's a saying "let them hate us as long as they fear us", but it's usually applied to a military force, not to some feminine men. It's ridiculous to fear them. Simply knowing that their "activities" involve "man-on-man" action is enough to feel disgusted and dislike them. If someone, for example, is constantly sh*tting his pants, obviously you won't be glad to have that person near you.

    It's also kinda similar to bums: clearly you don't attack them (nor you fear them), but you would rather want them being elsewhere.

    Let the downvoting begin.

  • We as people naturally have a tendency to be ignorant towards those that are "different". Its good that gay people are starting to become a normal part of society now.

  • Out group bias. People tend to judge others who are different from themselves.

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