How do you think you can increase your best answer rate?

I have some questions on how you think you or I or anyone else can increase their best answer rate.

1. What kinds of questions should you answer only?

2. What kinds of questions should you avoid answering?

3. Should you hint to the person at all, to pick best answer if they haven't for a long time? Or if they don't know how?

4. Should you avoid certain people/members questions because they never choose best answer?

5. Should you only answer questions to those who are at least a level 5 and up who know about the best answer ratings?

6. Any other tips you want to add to help me or anyone else get more higher best answer percentage?



Most Helpful Guy

  • Answer older questions which have no other answer.

    Answer questions that have few answers, or unhelpful answers.

    Write really long detailed answers, and supply lots of information.

    Do not get sidetracked into questions which are little more than social round tables.


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What Guys Said 3

  • answer what you know and skip the ones you don't know, if you have a good answer then you have a chance at best answer. yes some users pick favorites and even mods sometimes but don't let that discourage you from answering if it's something you know about.

  • If you're answering questions just to get best answers, I think you're doing it for the wrong reasons.

  • I wouldn't worry about rose ratios if I were you. Many people don't give best answers. A lot of girls ask questions for conformation of what they want to believe rather than taking real advice. Many times multiple people answer questions the same way so someone might get picked over you. Furthermore, there are a lot of bogus and joke questions that if you answer will drop that rating. It's not hard to maintain about 5% but anything above that for any period of time is wishful thinking. My best answer rating was 100% for a little while. =P

    • thanks! mine use to be at around 3.4% now it is at a 2.6% and I do notice that not a lot of people give out best answers!

    • Yeah, mines dropped a little lately because I've been having fun. I'd rather have fun than roses. =D Some times I get to have both, but then the admins come and take it all away! Can't have you cake an eat it too apparently. =) Got a fun rose stolen last night...

What Girls Said 2

  • I get a lot of best answers when I answer unanswered questions from a while ago :D That really boosts up your points! :D

  • I'm mostly guessing because I usually answer whatever, but I'll go about this logically. You should probably try to stick to questions that aren't anonymous. That way you can go on to the person's profile and check their previous questions to see if they regularly give best answers...or they rarely do. If they usually give a best answer your chances have just increased significantly. I would try to avoid questions that have a ton of responses because that makes it less likely that you'll get best answer. The only other advice I can give you is only answer the anonymous questions if nobody has really answered them and then you can hint at them to give you best answer. P.S. don't answer mind because I'm very bad about giving best answer. Lol.


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