What do you find most attractive in a girlfriend (aside from looks)?

Example: How well she gets along with your family or other people.

What sort of things keep you interested, or what do you admire about her? Any advice for other girls?

I'm asking because I've seen some couples that just seem total opposites, and another couple where the girlfriend is insanely jealous and yet it works. Just curious :)


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  • Here's the sorta thing I look for in a girl.

    A girl to me has to be interesting, a good sense of humor is a must too! She also has to be smart and maybe even a bit challenging to me. My advice for girls would be to just be an all around fun person to be around.

    And as for the couples part.many couples SEEM to be good for each other out in public but that doesn't always mean they get along when they're at home, no one but they know if there is any conflict going on between them! Hope this helped!


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