Is it true guys don't care about the face and body, just what surrounds it?

last year I was teased a lot and called ugly by guys so over the summer I fixed myself up a little.

baggy shirts and jeans --> tighter shirts and jeans. nothing super tight or revealing but one size smaller. my body didn't change at all

no makeup --> eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss. it doesn't make me look completely different but I think a little nicer. my face is still the same though.

plain brown, wavy, mid back length hair--> highlights, curled, collar bone length hair.

all of a sudden I'm no longer ugly. in fact, guys have called me pretty and hot this week. my face and body are exactly the same as when I was called ugly, but the stuff around it changed.

so is it the stuff that matters?


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  • In the superficial world of mingling with others out on the street (or in the club, or where-ever), yes.

    While your body may not have changed, it could now be more easily seen that you (presumably) have a nice figure. A face that pops out with some contrast and highlighting.

    That's apparently what's necessary to function in that sort of mingling. I conjecture that once you meet the right guy, you won't need to do that anymore. Also, if you find him on an intellectual level first, you won't have to do so much of that in the early part of the relationship.


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  • Most guys are first attracted to a woman's face.

    • then how did I go from ugly to pretty when my face stayed the same?

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    • but it's not. fixing myself up over the summer apparently changed the way guys feel about me. I stopped getting teased and started getting approached.

    • so you say

What Girls Said 3

  • No, the face & body (fit) is what men are most attracted to.

    • then how did I go from ugly to pretty when my face and body stayed the same?

    • I have no idea. Maybe you were already pretty, but didn't put any effort into your looks, & once you wore make up, dressed well, fixed your hair, etc, men started to notice you. That generally is how it is, you can be really pretty, but you still have to put effort into your hair, make up, & clothes. Men won't notice a hot girl if she is in a nun's uniform.

  • Confidence is hugely attractive. I think that would be part of the reason why the guys were complimenting you!

  • The way you present yourself definitely matters. Even a good looking girl would seem ugly if she didn't take care of her appearance.


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