Is concealer bad for your skin?

Okay so I'm asking about concealer. Is it bad for your skin? and anything in that area. I've never used it but I don't want to put on makeup that may ruin my face in the future. which is why I never put on any face makeup except for my eyes. I never put on foundation cause my mom says its bad for my face. So I'm asking about conceler.


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  • try mineral makeup if your face is senistive.

    also wear primer beforehand. that will put an extra layer between your skin and makeup. and primer is really good for your skin

    • does primer help with keeping eyeshadow on? and also how is primer good for your skin? sorry I've never used primer or anything...

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  • i don't use concealer but my friend uses this one ( she doesn't have clear skin , but it makes it look clear and bright )


    its cheap and good at the same time :)

  • I noticed that when I started putting anything on my face I started breaking out. I usually just use mascara and eye liner.


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