How to look pretty without makeup?

Ive recently started putting on makeup like a week ago. I used to put on makeup everyday two years ago but I stopped and now I'm starting again but this time I'm being careful with makeup and put a little bit on. I only put on a thin layer of liquid eyeliner and mascara. and only sometimes ill put on eye shadow and I rarely put on eyeliner. I also never wear makeup on the weekend and take it off when I come home from school. Okay so I'm sharing this info cause a lot of people who put on makeup are only half as pretty without it. (not trying to be mean or judgmental cause I think every girl is pretty in her own way) I don't wanna look different when I don't have makeup. I only put a thin layer of liquid eyeliner on the top of my eyes. and I put on mascara. Is that good? Cause I want to be able to look the same when I take off the makeup. And also I heard makeup speeds up the process of aging...? which sucks because I love to put on makeup. I can live without it. But it is fun also I feel more confident with it on.


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  • i like girls without makeup better lol =P and don't use your make up to boost your confidence, (this is gonna sound cheesy so prepare) your a woman, your the superior sex, own it!


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  • A girl who can pull off no make-up is so much prettier in my eyes. I fall for natural beauty. And confidence helps a lot too. If you're comfortable in your skin, you'll exude it and that helps with your appeal.


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  • this is what I do usually everyday :

    sun screen

    clear mascara link

    lip gloss link

    and that's about it :)

  • If you're ugly that's impossible. You're from Chicago so you probably are.

  • I don't know, I've never been a huge make up wearer. If I do put some on, I usually just put on eye liner and mascara. I also make sure my hair isn't wild.

  • yes, when wearing makeup, if you're going to put of as least as possible, then eyes are the way to go


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