Plenty of Fish - it does or does not mean your looking for someone?

my boyfriend thinks its just for curing is nothing


i think POF is for when your looking for sex/ girlfriends/ wtf ever

  • Pof= boredom
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  • Pof= I should gtfo he is a jerk
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  • The sole purpose of joining the site is to meet other single people.

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    • maybe but like now he is like all upset since I'm telling him that I'm done giving him chances and that he was already on the last straw...

      am I wrong to feel like he choose to go on this website?

    • Well he did choose to go on there. He made the dating profile. Have you gone on there and seen what his profile says? Like if it says he is looking for someone or something like that?

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What Guys Said 3

  • he's cruising

  • POF?

  • wtf is POF?

    • plenty of fish.

      i am sad that I know this.

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    • hes trying to tell me its innocent and nothing

      yet he's messaging girls "ur hot" "i just wanna smother my self in your titties" "u seem cool id like to get to know u"

      and going as far as messaging a girl on fb


      @slipslender I don't think its uncommon to know

    • So dump his ass...

What Girls Said 2

  • Yea POF is a DATING site, he is a lame loser if he thinks you are gonna believe that baloney. IF a guy I was dating was on that site actively using it while we were together, I would definitely get out of that relationship. He's not being faithful, he is just looking for another girl. It shows he isn't fully committed to you and is just looking for the newest thing. Well that's too bad for him, I would definitely get out of that relationship :)

    Sites for boredom are like celeb gossip sites, game sites and of course GAG :) Not POF.

  • it's for people who actually want to date someone. he should not be on the site if he has you


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