When I try talk to a good looking young lady, why do they give me a strange look at first?

i don't understand but it just real bugs me lol

all the look and many these girl with makeup even and who dress nice
get this a girl long ago was attracted to me, but after alll here frends told her that I was really ugly then she though that thire was something wrong with her for liking me in first places.she stared hating just she like me lol no has had problem but me lol


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  • If they are not interested, or attracted to you, they might give you a weird look at first because they don't really want you to be talking to them. It's not that they are trying to be mean, but they just have so many guys hitting on them all the time and it gets so annoying. They learn to eliminate those they aren't interested in fast based on first impression because they realize that they can't waste their time with every guy that talks to them in the day or they would never get any of their own things done.

    Look at it like a celebrity; some of them are great people and they wish they could befriend all of their fans. Unfortunetly, if they tried to do that, they would never have a life of their own anymore because it would all be about meeting the fans, and less about taking care of themselves. Some girls have a great heart, but they just get hit on so much that they don't have the time to stop and talk with every guy that comes to see them.


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