Guys, what makes a girl beautiful in your eyes?

Question up there! not just hot, but someone that you look at and say "i could marry them". I know most guys don't think like that, but work with me:)


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  • I do.

    Here is an except from my list, each carry certain point values and some are wildcard deal-breakers:

    *Not taller than me wearing heels

    *Not fatter than me

    *was born in the same country as me

    *Same race

    **Same culture

    ***Same religion or former religion

    ****carries dual citizenship

    *****has second passport

    ******secondary citizenship is full-has national id in that country

    *******has foreign property

    *speaks my first language

    *speaks english

    *speaks a third language

    **speaks french

    *can play an instrument

    *dual education elementary (Friday/Saturday school)

    **dual education high school (Friday/Saturday school)

    *college or better

    **degree is in engineering or science

    ***if college, then degree is dualized ($500 license at consulate)


    *b or c cup breasts

    *blue or green eyes


    *glasses - but not pop-bottles

    *parents are not divorced

    *uses unix - mac, linux or other

    *can ski

    *like to travel

    *hasn't cheated

    *isn't a ni99er digger

    *isn't a gold digger

    *makes at least 75% of what I make

    *not a skank or tramp (that includes no tramp-stamp)

    *not too outgoing

    *not too pretty

    *descent looking parents (ages well)

    **descent looking grandparents (ages well)

    *no missing limbs

    *no diseases

    *ABO blood type match

    *RH match

    *she is fully functional-the plumbing and hardware

    *can drive stick

    *can shoot a gun



    *strong willed

    *doesn't use regular birth control to avoid her period (frying her nads) - condom (and day after pill if it breaks should be enough)

    *strong back

    *muscular frame

    This is an excerpt, not the full list and I don't have the point values displayed...

    Obviously no such woman exists and I will accept less, but certain things have heavier weights than others and such...certain qualities will nullify shortcomings...

  • I was on a date with one last night...never felt anything like it before. Conversationally, intellectally, attractiveness, just everything...was just enchanted from moment one of the date until it was over. I'm at a total loss for words otherwise.

  • I think like that,

    it's not just the body, it's everything about them, absolutely everything. If you love them, you'll love everything about them. Their personality, their little peculiarities, their interests and beliefs, their personal tastes, their voice and the things they say, every thing they do, and of course their body on a whole which includes their hair, eyes, face, style etc.

  • Easy. I have those feelings for someone now, and with her, outside of physical beauty, it's that we can laugh together, talk about any topic from the most mundane to the most debatable...I can just sit in the same room as her or hear her voice and be happy. Honestly, it's just who she is and that we complement each other.

  • Hey I think that way! I'd LOVE to fall in love with the perfect gal!

    Funny, spontaneous, romantic, charismatic, caring, compassionate. Honestly I just want a nice girl that makes me laugh and keeps me interested! Of course I want her to be attractive as well but personality and values come first... Oh yes and she must get along with my family and friends lol

  • I don't know, it's just in how she behaves. Sure, I look at the physical first, but once I get to know a girl, I stop caring about the way she looks and really start to love her personality.

  • xD. that's totally personality. a good girl, a girl next door, that cares yet isn't clingy.

    as for physically- eyes. its hard to explain...


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  • Well beautiful and "I could marry her" are two different things in my opinion, this man at work always tells me I'm beautiful and when he introduces me to people he says "isn't she beautiful?" but I am sure he does not want to marry me.

    But I think you probably mean a girl who has it all...because sometimes beautiful is about more than how she looks. I think the way you mean it is probably a pretty girl who shines from within as well. She has a great personality, a lovely smile, very charming and sweet, smart, a certain cuteness. She dresses appropriately and doesn't put herself out. She is respectable and lovely to be around, the "golden girl" type. She is the type a guy can really fall in love with


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