What is your idea of a Geek/Nerd?

I've had this arugment with my buddies...what is your Idea of a Geek/Nerd?


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  • Those people who can't adjust to the regular standards of society;

    Often seen as awkward in a social sense;

    Introverted - most are introverted and I think it's because of the socially awkward thing;

    Often seek refuge in virtual realities that make them feel more important perhaps, like video games, taking on other identities, becoming engulfed in fantasy / sci fi things - subjects that allow the individual to alter realism into a way where they become special, unique, gifted, or spectacular in someway - I'm guessing to make up for the lack of being in true time.

    Some are annoying - some are incredibly hilarious - some are kinda mean or bitter -

    They're all pretty cool if you actually take the chance to get to know them, and not avoid them like so many people tend to do, or judge them.

    A lot of my friends in high school were nerds :D

    • Oh and intelligence varies; some nerds are really smart, most are average, and some don't really care for education.

      Same with athletics - most aren't too athletic, but there's a good few who play a sport or like their fitness.

      Those aspects just vary according to the individual.

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    • lol its all good...I hang out with alotta different crowds too..or well used too..and I Don't care if a person is geeky/nerdy at least there not tryn to cause trouble for nobody/ and I don't know anybody who isn't Geeky/nerdy in some way

    • Exactly - I don't discriminate; if we get along and I like you, then hey, lets hang out - if not then have a nice day lol

      And definitely; people just don't own up to it, because it would somehow ruin their rep or some crazy sh*t like that. Whatever - they can stay in their little shells, molded by society's means - the rest of us will actually enjoy life :D

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  • Hmm,

    I'd probably think of a geek/nerd as someone who is pretty intelligent, usually seen as socially awkward and shy, obsesses themselves with computers, math, science or even WoW and knows Pi as 3.14159265. ;)

    I would say I'm a nerd in someways.. nerds can be pretty cute too.

    Yagurlnira768's answer is right on - I think, anyways.

  • Geek:

    A geek does not have to be smart, a Geek is someone who is generaly not athletic, and enjoys Video Games; Comic Books; being on the internet, and etc.


    A person who gains pleasure from amassing large quantities of knowledge about subjects often too detailed or complicated for most other people to be bothered with.

    My friends and I are all Nerds. I happen to know a few Geeks.

    • lol its kool..who isn't everyone is a nerd/geek in there on way! but one question on your Geek answer..what if they are good at sports but also like to play video games

    • Then I don't think they qualify. A lot of people enjoy video games (myself included). Geeks enjoy them to the extreme.

    • lol I c...now I'm a Geek when it comes to a Football or Basketball game...cuz I HAVE TO WIN..

  • A geek or nerd is someone who is very smart - studies, does very well on exams and quizzes and has the most intricate and complex ways of doing things. Some can be awkward but if you think about it, they can be better later in life.

  • Geek=Looks like nerd but it is completely normal.

    Nerd=Looks like geek but it is book smart.

    • lol Good answer! couldn't of said it better...we're all geeky/nerdy in our own way

  • i've been told that I'm a geeky nerd. but its probably true since I'm a gamer and I build kick ass gaming computers, I'm good at math, and whatnot :P

    • Kool! nothing wrong with that/ a girl who can Have Fun and Think for herself

  • STEVE JOBS! *swoon* :D I think he's hot!

  • someone who will give you false hope and smash your heart into little pieces...

  • I'm married to a guy who considers himself a nerd, as in he just plays video games and likes computers.

    I think that's fine, those hobbies go with me because I just like to sit all day and do nothing (some times play puzzle fighters and mario wii other times nothing) and so we match.

    Plus nerds are really smart, and they have 4.0s and can past college courses with blind colors so therefore they will be banking some day! :) at least I know my guy is going to be... because he's so smart he already is (he's into computer networking, routers and switches)

    • Wow! that's kool and way to support your husband..btw puzzle fighting games/ do you play Zelda/?

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    • O lol Wow! that's the name of it...*boy do I feel dumb..

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  • Someone with intellectual goals/interests

    Likes sci-fi and fantasy and has hobbies related to them

  • pretty much what Red_Raconteur said

    Geek: likes geeky stuff like technology, games, etc

    Nerd: really.. REALLY good at school and not much else

  • man your grammar and spelling is horrible mate. Lay off the weights and start reading more

  • Me.

    I used to game, but come home wasted...im a software engineer

    I've built computers (including servers and bigger)

    I consider a good desktop about $5000 (same with a good 1U)

    All my game systems are modded, as with my phone

    I have 10gb on my internal home network

    I have a data safe

    I have offsite backup storage

    I have offshore backup storage

    All routers-switches run non-standard firmware

    I only use windows for games-mac and linux for everything else

    I have a hard-drive less laptop that I use for banking, boots off a cd

    I have an LTO drive

    I use RAID 5

    I have a home datacenter

    Everything has a battery backup

    I'm mean to idiot encroaching on my territory and don't know what they are talking about.


    • lol man I don't know what have that stuff is, sounds like you wouldn't like me very much..but its kool that you know this kinda stuff or us IDIOTs wouldn't have stuff we're using today..like this computer/ or cell phones..So thankyou for your Hardwork in learning all that stuff..your kool to me~!

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    • I used to be a system admin, but the work was too hectic...better benefits in a different division.

      Better job prospects.

      Sysadmins do backups too...and some networking...

      Most of the sysadmins I know are physycists and computer and electrical engineers that can't find a job in their own field...

    • Engineers and scientists don't get fired anymore...they move us around or they sell us to different companies...no interview, your just told to go to a different office. On paper it looks like you were laid-off...

  • a young man that doesent look after himself

  • someone who doesn't have a life.

    • now your talking about me...but I guess its true

    • well that's just the first thing that came to mind... you shouldn't label yourself like that, you are who you want to be:)

    • lol Thanks...what you said is true..And its all good~

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