Why is she jealous of me?

OK so I have a good friend who is very privileged. Rich parents. Big house, nice clothes, good grades, lots of friends, happily married parents ex... I've never had any of these (except for good grades but I've always had to study twice as hard to get the same grade as her.) anyways the only thing I've really ever had were my good looks. I don't think I'm drop dead beautiful but I'm pretty attractive. Anyways my friend is just average when it comes to looks. And fir some reason even though she has all these things she has to hate on me for being pretty and although she always done this its getting to a point where it's over the top. (she constantly tries to embarrass me in front of guys I like or anyone who flirts with me and I can't stand It.) I don't understand why she does this.
Ok so I'd like to say that I am not cocky nor am I conceded. And I don't mean to come off that way. I do not think I'm extremely gerogious I am just sayin that I am not an ugly person and that's by a crime. And just like any other person I can identify when someone else is jelous.


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  • Your friend is trying to just mess with you, you're just being cocky as people has stated in your other posts

    • messing with me for 9 years?

    • That's what friends do - they mess with each other.

    • she's not just friendily messing with me she practically bullying me. I say practically only because I've given her the benefit of the doubt

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  • its society. girls place more value on looks than on anything else these days. if a girl looks good- she isn't expected to be smart, get good grades- stuff like that. so yeah.

  • because she's shallow and thinks that's the only thing that matters in life


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  • :|

    I think you're just a little conceited. I don't think she's jealous of you, maybe she's just a sh*tty friend.

    • I'm not conceded and I'm pretty sure where it gets to the point that people come up to me and asks why she acting like a jelous bitch to me yay it's pretty safe to say that she jelous of me. Bet hey what do I know, I've only known her since the first grade.

  • This is the consequence of being pretty sometimes. A couple of girls thought my mom was pretty and wanted to hit her, and told her to meet them up in a bathrrom, so my mom got her people as well so she didn't get hurt... (a lot of men had a crush on my mom). It's part of life, it's just how it is sometimes, people want what they don't have... Just cope with it, if the man is really in love with you, he will be able to bear it.


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