How to get rid of bushy eyebrows?

I am a guy with somewhat large and thick eyebrows, and I want them to be somewhat thinned out. I don't want them to look feminine though. Any tips on what I could do?


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  • Get an eyebrow shaver;

    They're a buck at the dollar store -

    Just take off some of the brow from the top, and any random hairs that may be forming in the area between the brows (the unibrow area - )

    Try to just make a straight trim following the natural arch of your brows - and don't shave the brows on the bottom because it will raise them and give you a feminine look.

    go for something like this ----> link

    They're not too thin and have just enough bushiness to make them manly :D

    • It's pretty easy to shave them yourself - doesn't hurt at all like plucking / waxing - and you don't have to go out anywhere public which may be a little be demasculating or awkward for ya...

    • I didn't know that men plucked or waxed...but I know the shaver exists...

      I have to shave the hair that grows between my brows now and then...never had a unibrow, but this started growing.

      Know a guy that has hair growing on his nose in a similar way..

    • Oh and the shavers look like this - link

      They have them in red / blue / black so your friend's aren't like -

      "dude, what's this pink thing?..."

      " uh...eyebrow shaver..."

      " Seriously man? An eyebrow shaver...really dude?...really?..."


      " Where'd you get a pink one...? Mines is purple :D "

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What Girls Said 3

  • Pluck those bad boys, yo. :B

  • It's OK for guys to get their eyebrows waxed.

  • get them threaded at a salon. loads of guys do


What Guys Said 3

  • Just carefully pluck them with tweezers or get them professionally waxed to your desired thickness and shape.

  • When you get your hair cut you can ask your barber to trim your eyebrows. I used to do that. Or trim them yourself with a beard trimmer.

  • You can get a professional to do them or you can pluck them yourself. Eyebrow plucking is actually a growing trend atm


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