Men, you are very into looks? Or is it just this guy?

I don't mind honesty and I do think men are pretty into looks, it is okay, I care about how I look too.

And I know some say that as men get older they care less about looks.

But, this man I know always talks to me about women and how they look. He always tells me I am beautiful and that I look amazing. He also loves to talk about women to me...what kind of look he finds attractive, point out other women to me and tell me if he thinks they are hot or not.

No he is definitely not gay at all, he is very straight. He does not do it in a gay sort of way (I have nothing against gays at all! But he is straight). And I know he thinks I am attractive.

Why does he love to talk about other women to me so much? Is he just very shallow? I know all men care about looks to an extent but he is very into talking about it, at least to me. Or is he trying to make me jealous somehow?
Just wanted to add that he is quite a bit older than I am and I would understand guys my age being more into looks but most men his age that I have met are not so fixated on beauty anymore.


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  • I'm not going to lie, I'm very into looks but not necessarily the kinds of looks that women think all us guys are into. As an example the girl I currently have a crush on is flat by most standards (A cup) and has no butt to speak of but I think her looks and style are adorable so whatever =)

    I think the guy you're talking about is playing some kind of mind game with you and that he thinks by saying other women are hot and then saying you're hot you'll get the idea that he thinks you're hot but it's back firing on him lol.

    • Well he tells me I am beautiful and tells other people I am beautiful (in front of my face) like we saw his friend and he said to his friend "isn't she beautiful" in front of me

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What Guys Said 2

  • People prefer nice things (hot girlfriends, for instance), but they may settle for utilitarian and functional if they're desperate enough.

  • looks fade... the guy your talking about is very shallow. And a jackass. Not all men are like that... Just most men in your age group are like that...

    • Yeah he is shallow...though I wouldn't say he's a jackass (I've met plenty in my lifetime)

What Girls Said 3

  • Is he an artist? I'm an artist and a writer and I become inspired with how people look :)

  • dump him. Your no super man.

    • What? I'm a woman...and he and I aren't dating. We are friends.

    • i know you are a woman? and do whatever helps you sleep at night, man. Jesus.

  • No, guys care about your appearance


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