Do most attractive girls know they are attractive?

I see loads of attractive girls whenever I go out. Some seem pretty confident, some seem really cocky and some seem really shy and lack confidence. This is all about their body language based on how comfortable they are with their looks. In general, do most attractive girls know they are attractive?


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  • I used to not think I was very attractive then a ton of people started telling me I was beautiful and that I should model.

    So yes, some attractive girls don't realize they're attractive. I think it's because the media and society put a lot of emphasis on very few types of beauty. So some attractive girls feel outshined and overlook their own beauty beacuse they don't have the looks a majority of people say is the most desirable.


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  • in my case yess I know that I'm attractive and most of the time I come off as cocky.i love getting attention however what Asailum said is very true also.i don't get hit on by guys I'm really into perhaps cause the way I act I don't kno.


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  • this is so stupid. no they don't know it because every guy out there is like you: afraid to go hit on them so that they feel attractive. The only guys who hit on them are usually stupid so they are very very unsatisfied as a whole.

    • Maybe in some cases, yeah...

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    • i wonder what kind of life asailum grew up to make him be mr. bigshot type of guy, cocky, arrogant

    • My guy friends tell me thst sll the time. Theyre afraid of being rejected or ignored by a pretty girl

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