Total humiliation for no reason and my date said nothing. What would you do if you were him?

So my date who I been dating invited me to go with him to his home girls house warming party. We got there, wasn't crowded, everyone was cool playing games and all. About an hour later this girl name April shows up and she knows my date and so she started drinking and became messy by picky on me for no reason. Saying she wanted to f*** him; Then it was about my phone not having a back to it, then it was whether my hair was synthetic or not, lastly making fun of my shoe size and trying to put me in the hot seat to see if they fit. Total humiliation for no reason and my date said nothing. Even another girl was recording this while I was being embarrassed while everyone was laughing. Guys, or girls, should he have said something, protected me, getting me out of there? because he did nothing but walk away and let that girl make fun of me in front of everyone.


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  • This is what I would most definitely have done if I was him: I would've at least stopped what's going on between you and her or grab you by the arm and leave the party. What she did wasn't right at all. Maybe he thought you two should argue it out like a cat fight and that he shouldn't be in the picture or in between it. Either way I would've tried to protect you somehow even though if that girl was my ex-girlfriend. I would've done something.

    • exactly. he felt like it was for me to deal with and to have some comebacks which would have made it worse so I was smart enough to not do that. He is just really immature and just doesn't get it that a man protects a woman esp when she is the guest. So I dropped him after that when I relaized how sorry he was. he has no job, lives with someone, and never gave me any gas money all those time si drove across town and to parties with him. Glad he is the pass

    • Glad that all that's over for you. You deserved better than that guy anyways.

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