What would you rate your...........about you

1.) rate yourself 1 to 10

2.) what's your best feature?

3.) what's your worst feature?

4.) do you like how you look?

5.) do you think your above average or exotic looking?
EVERYONE is beautiful in their own way and I hope no one forgets that


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  • 1. I probably say I'm 6.

    2. my best feature is probably my charisma.

    3. my looks obviously lmao.

    4. I could be worse.

    5. I think I'm average, good enough for me.

  • Im a 7 or 7.5

    My best feature is my eyes. I have long long eye lashes. They say my eyes make me look like a kind person, so people tend to like and trust me. Also I guess girls like my hands.

    My worst feature is that my legs are too short for my upper body.

    I like how I look for the most part.

    I think I am exotic looking, I mean I am Mexican.

  • 8

    my arms

    my calves they are a bit on the thin side


    im exotic looking and id like to think I'm above average, I find the average person pretty unattractive

    • agree with the last part

  • 1. I don't like to rate myself

    2. Been told my smile is nice..

    3. My spine. Scoliosis =P

    4. Sure

    5. Average I suppose

    • well for this purpose, rate yourself I won't judge you and I have scoliosis to :(

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    • I'm a dude and think you look handsome. Too hard on yourself.

    • @ asker; No, but they all have their own way of doing things. It shouldn't hurt if they know what they are doing. Oh and so long as you have health insurance, it won't cost much at all.

      @ christian2724; Thanks for the confidence booster. I am lacking a little bit in that area. =P

  • Im maybe average lol. Or maybe a tiny bit lower. So facially a 5?

    Best feature, either my shoulders and arms. Because I am very well defined and quite muscular even though I don't do any physical activity lol. Or my downstairs region lol.

    Kind of. I love my body. Not my face.

  • 1) 6.5

    2) My hair

    3) My eyes, probably.

    4) Sure

    5) Well, a 6.5 is above average. So... yes?

    • really? to me a 7 is average

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    • Your eyes? Why are they your worst feature?

    • Accident when I was a kid. Long story short, one eye opens a little wider than the other. It's only visible if you look for it, though.

  • 1) 6

    2) My personality, kindness (you'd never know it on here)

    3) My insecurity, posture

    4) I like how I look, but there are ways I should improve

    5) I think I'm different. Average. People always think I look like someone they know.

  • 1. That's for others to decide

    2. Smile

    3. Ears are too big

    4. Blah

    5. I could think I'm hot and people might think I'm not. I can't rate myself.

    • well your not ugly, IMo I say at least a 7

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    • well I'm sure it plays into effect but I woudnt say its what attracts a girl most. any guy can have muscles.

    • I hate my big ears and baby face. That's why I tried to get buff. Lol

  • 1) 5-6

    2) smile with dimples

    3) fat

    4) No

    5) No

    • your above a 6, your not fat and you look like chris humphries

  • 6-7

    I have really cool green eyes

    My worst... I have no ass... It's tiny lol

    I am okay with who I am

    I'm just joe average, maybe a little taller than most...

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What Girls Said 15

  • 1. Uhmmm 8.5

    2. My stomach, my hair, parts of my face =p and personality wise I'm funny kind and athletic

    3. My butt and thighs are a little bigger than I want them to b and my face breaks out sometimes

    4. Kinda.. I wish I liked myself more

    5. A little exotic because my hair (on my head) is really thick and pretty but I'm white so more average

    • white doesn't mean your not exotic looking

  • 8 1.) rate yourself 1 to 10

    My face 2.) what's your best feature?

    I'm blunt & don't care for anyone's feelings unless they're a child, in need of help, or they earned it 3.) what's your worst feature?

    Love it I do want purple eyes though 4.) do you like how you look?

    Above average 5.) do you think your above average or exotic looking?

  • 1) I would say I am a 7

    2) my best features are my eyes, I love them , they are Asian shaped but bigger compared to most Asians

    3) my worst feature would be my boobs, I wish they were a little bigger

    4) I'm satisfied but I could be better

    5) I don't know if I look exotic lol

  • 1. 6-7

    2. Hair

    3. Arms

    4. Yes

    5. Above average and exotic cos I'm mixed, but nothing that people will look at and say, "woah!"

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    • Lol, when I got an update for this answer I kept scrolling down and thought my answer had been removed. Thanks for BA

      @ Volty: Of course that's me, but I'm having a bad hair day.

    • stop underrating yourself, you know you're a hottie.

  • 1) 7

    2) legs

    3) can't decide

    4) meh, could be much better

    5) I don't know

  • 1.) rate yourself 1 to 10: eh 6-7

    2.) what's your best feature? hair

    3.) what's your worst feature? height

    4.) do you like how you look? I don't think I'm terrible looking, but not that pretty.

    5.) do you think your above average or exotic looking? slightly below average.

  • 1. uhm like 6 xD

    2. My eyes : )

    3. my nose : /

    4. uhhm kinda lol

    5. I think I look like a normal white girl LOL

  • 1. 7

    2. My smile

    3. My nose

    4. ...hmm I'm OK with it :)

    5. average

  • 1. 3

    2. My legs

    3. My jaw

    4. No

    5. Definitely neither

    • 3! Shut the f*** up. You're at least a 7. C'mon have some confidence for god's sake. And wtf is wrong with your jaw?

      Honestly though.. I'm attracted to modest girls.

      You're an attractive girl Red.

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    • This is why I was anon to start. While I appreciate you trying to cheer me up, I hate when people compliment me, especially if it's out of pity.

      As for my jaw, I think it's too strong.

    • I wasn't trying to cheer you up. You're just wrong about yourself.

      I would love a girl who's insecure. But only if she blushes when I compliment her... .instead of argues with me.

  • 1.) 6ish

    2.) my smile :)

    3.) I dunno..

    4.) sure

    5.) average I guess :P

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