Do you ever look back at your old answers?

Usually when I look back at my old answers and read them, I feel very very proud of how amazing they are. And not only that, but its nice and refreshing to reread what I wrote and see how dumb some other people were being. Kind of gives me a newfound confidence in myself...

Ahhhhhhh h... :) Does anybody else feel this way?


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  • Yeah I did that too...I feel much better when seeing that I have few upvotes tho...I don't really like downvotes without reason.

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    • yah but its funny that they are being like that. I mean they are probably sitting at their computer and are all pissed off or whatever xD lol...

    • yes of course,they might been cursing us infornt of the computer.Its funny.

What Guys Said 1

  • I do occasionally. I like to look back and see if my opinions have changed over time..


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