Guys do you care about shape and size?

okay I'm a short pear shaped girl. I mean I'm very pretty I already know that. but sometimes I feel like my body shape scares guys away. I have big thighs and a medium size butt. My chest is only 36b and I have a little gut coming out. Not a lot just a little. I'm currently working out but I just want to know if I'm okay the way I am I guess.


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  • My opinion is this - I don't have a preferred body shape/body type. What I've noticed is that girls of all shapes tend to look absolutely AMAZING when they take their body type and run with it. You a stocky or pear shaped girl? Hit the gym and add some solid muscle mass to your body. Not enough to be manly, but it looks amazing on girls of that body type. Hourglass? Soft curves will make you look stunning. Thin/slender? Lean and toned is the order of the day. Just run with these things and you'll look amazing regardless of what your natural body type leads you to.


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  • Every guy has his own preferences, but most of us just want a girl that looks healthy. She doesn't need to be a certain body style.

  • Well, you are fine now but you'll be better once you start working out regularly and get into better shape.


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