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What is going on with all the black guys with white girls?

Going through the airport the other day I was struck by the number of white women with biracial children.

I cannot remember the last time I saw a black woman with a biracial child in tow.

As I rode on the airplane I started thinking about the countless many times I have seen blond, blue eyed girls with black guys in restaurants or malls in the past five years.

And how rare it is to see a black woman with a white guy.

I began to wonder why this is so.

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  • White women (especially blondes, for some reason that I can't explain) dating black men is something that I have noticed is becoming increasingly common in lower-end socioeconomic groups. You don't see it much in higher-end ones, although I think that's more a matter of availability than choice. People tend to date within the same socioeconomic class they exist within and the higher up you go the fewer black men and women there are in relation to everything else.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I see black women with interracial kids but most of the time when we date out we go latino. My favorite ethnicity to date is black then latinos. that's it. well I will date a mixed guy but for the most part I just consider them light skin black men

  • I was thinking similar to this the other day. How white girls like black guys...but white guys don't like black girls. and white guys like Asian girls...but white girls don't like Asian guys. and this is NOT the case for everyone, I'm just saying GENERALLY. I think it's because blacks have the more masculine features generally and the Asians have the feminine ones. and then whites and Hispanics are in the middle. and I am not racist at all, and again I'm just saying in general, this is not the case with everyone obviously. some Asian men look very masculine...like on fast and furious tokyo drift. ahah. ya those guys are sexy. OK off topic. I'm going to stop typing now.


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