Girls , What's Your biggest turn on from a guy.

Alright I want to know what my girlfriend might like give tips or share stories I like both. I really want to please her so be specific I'm kind of new. also best story wins mine


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  • 1. musicians are just INCREDIBLE! especailly a guy who can sing/play guitar and piano...divine!

    2. intelligence

    3. facial hair, different styles suit different men/longer hair

    4. great smile makes me melt

    5. nice eyes

    6. can hold a conversation

    7. is interested in more than just one thing

    8. caring/protective

    9. honesty/respect/loyalty

    10. nice arms, from the tips of his fingers to his shoulders

    11. smells good


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  • honesty,intelligence, protectiveness, caring, cute etc

    • He said biggest turn on. Not turn onS. One. Not more than one.

  • definantly smell good :) but also be nice stare into her eyes, and make sure she sees you doing that. while your cuddling just softly play with her hair or kiss her slowly. touch her while talking (gently not sexually or anything.) her hands, face, arms, etc. but overall, but kind and just admire her, its bound to work, good luckk :)

  • confidence and safety Ilike it when I'm w ith a guy and I feel safe like he will protect just from the way he holds my hand or hugs me from behind (that's hot to me)

  • Smelling GOOD. Like the cologne 'Fierce' by Abercrombie & Fitch. No dollar store colognes or knock-offs, they end up smelling like crap.

  • leather jackets. and a BAd ass Attitude.

    i go to a "gifted" school for NERds and loser guys that study all day.

    sO I doNt get TUrNED oN !

    sucks I KNOW !

  • Smell good, and when you talk to her stare deeply into her eyes, when you hug her hold her tight and show her you love being around her. when your chillin with her play with her hair or stroke her arms or face. when your making out don't go straight into it, you might want to start gently kissing her neck or arms (be romantic!) admire her

  • idk if this helps you but nice hair and clothes. upto-date clothes, not like jcpenny.but hollister. I like guys who wear hollister and the cologne they have : )


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