What do you think about beanies in the summer?

i like wearing something on my head either because it goes with my attire or I just don't want sweat all over myself, I would never wear a bandana and I don't like the way I look in hats so somtimes I wear a beanie, I've seen a few other people do it but they have long hair, so is it just silly or enough of a fad to get away with?

I bought a few new hats this summer but I'm still not feeling it, I wear them backwards to compromise but to be honest I'm not a backwards hat kind of guy
i have my limits I wouldn't wear them over 90° for the most part link


Most Helpful Guy

  • i ususally make fun of any friend that wears winter gear in the summer...but I'm just bein an ass...

    sometimes its funny because itll be 80 degrees out and ill be like WTF, but hey man if its your style go with it, only you can judge yourself, be who you are


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What Girls Said 2

  • you'll look like a hipster and people will probably want to punch you and E'RRBODY will think you're a douche that only thinks about fashion,BUT you should wear what you want,it's your head,people judge,it's what they do,you just have to be able to cope with the verdict once you've given them all the evidence against yourself.

    • im black and muscular but I have a skaters image, and yeah it is mostly about fashion

  • I hate them. with all of my being. I hate them


What Guys Said 2

  • think its kinda stupid, like wearing shorts in the winter

    • i live in vegas so I do that too

    • well vegas is the exception, picture a girl wearing daisy dukes with fur boots in a blizard, now does that make any logical sense? I get that's its for a look, but when you stop to think about it its just kind of silly.

    • your right people are pretty hollywood here, girls get all dressed up for the dumbest things

  • wear whatever you feel best in


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