Looking good in the cold?

I'm a recent transplant to a cold state, and it just dropped below freezing this week. Coming from warmer climes, I have no idea how to dress in the winter and look good. Where I'm from, you can just take the t-shirt and jeans you wear year round and add a jacket when it gets "cold."

I know layering is important, but I have absolutely no idea what kinds of layers to wear that look good, so I'd like some advice or some links to advice.

I don't like knit gear like sweaters, and I don't want to go with the "skater stoner" look of a hoodie. I also don't want to have to buy a whole extra wardrobe of expensive clothes, but I honestly have NO idea where to start on looking good in the cold when dressing casual. Advice?


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  • Layering isn't that difficult. Thermal gear keeps you warm, and if you wanted to stick with your t-shirt and jeans year round, you could. I know plenty of guys who wear an Under Armour top underneath their t-shirts, and it looks fine. And I personally love thermal pants/leggings in the winter.

    Just a couple of suggestions. . .

    Jockey is good for thermal tops and pants link

    Under Armour is too, but they also have jackets and other winter gear, and you can get it at pretty much any sporting goods store link

    By the way, a scarf, gloves, and hat go a long way in the cold, and it's not hard to look good in them.

    • Oh, nice. Thanks for the links.

      Any suggestion for a way to cover your head for guys that get "hat hair?" I don't have short enough hair to mat it down without it looking horrible as soon as I take the hat off.

    • You could just put your hood on instead. If your coat is warm enough, the hood should be just as good as a hat, and it doesn't mess up your hair as much.

    • Thanks.

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  • I live up north where there's ski resorts and lots of snow, that's cold.

    Personally love guys in snow boarding gear furthermore pertaining to your question,

    a softshell jacket over a sweater, and w/e layers underneath.

    You can try wearing fleece or micro fleece pants as well to keep warm and look good.

    • Beyond the sweater, I'm honestly unfamiliar with all of these types of clothes. Where can I found out more, and how much would it cost to supplement my existing wardrobe with enough clothes to work? (How much of this rewearable and how much do you need to change out daily?)

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    • I just looked soft shell jackets up. I think I've seen them around now. Not bad. I think I know where to find those. (I'm not *quite* in Canada, but I'm close. Southern Washington.)

      What's good to wear under them? (Other than sweaters. I wish I could explain, but knit fabrics do this thing when they rub together that's to me like fingernails on a chalkboard is for other people.) That's really my big fashion problem. I don't know what will look good when I take the jacket off indoors.

    • Well, you could try a cardigan zip sweater, it goes well with anything underneath. personally, I like guys with hoodies, but s/t dark would look good with anything else, anyways, lata

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  • Never fear my fellow friend.

    Sweaters, small mittens, jeans (preferably dark navy blue), boots, and a nice hood hat. You'll look awesome.

    My preference is wearing a scarf with my mesh sweaters and grey mittens. It always matches if your wearing climate appropriate clothing. As for boots, I'd recommend something at Journeys that is easy slip on. I got mine that are Red Wings. They are work boots, but look really great for casual dressing. Seriously man, it's not hard, and major fun.

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