Styles that will make me look better.

Hi, I have recently gained a lot of weight from a sickness I had.

I went from being 135Lb to 164 LB...

Now I have big thighs and big hip with my stomach ticking out a lot and my boobs are small.

it so annoying now Because I can't find anything that makes me feel good.specially that my stomach sticks out so much.

I wear a size 12 now on the toe with my bra size which is 36D and for my hips I usually wear jeans that are size 10 .

pants! what should I wear?

Tops and shirt! what kind should I wear? I know a V-neck looks great but what other details?

I also have wide sholders.


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  • You should wear empire waist tops that will hide your stomach. Always wear either flare or bootcut jeans cause it will balance you out. I think round neck tops and tees would look better then a V-neck top. You could also buy a spanks shape wear for yourself to smooth you out and hide your imperfections. I don't know why you think your breasts are small though. A D cup is pretty big to me. I will tell you that a good shape wear undergarment will be a life saver for you. Go to and they have some really nice ones on there. Don't worry about your weight cause you will lose it eventually and 164lb isn't bad at all in my opinion. Girls would love to have your body. I myself would. I only weigh 140lb but I wish I had bigger hips and a bigger chest. Your lucky to have curves in all the right places.


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  • some kind of loose fitting blouse ima say


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  • Hey I'm not of the biggest help here, but I just wanted to say that I recently gained 15 pounds because I was having some health problems too, and I know it totally sucks because there's nothing we can do about it. I've been trying to dress myself better until I lose the weight. I've mostly been covering up with loose yet stylish shirts (which are conveniently in style right now!) And I had to buy new pairs of pants because I grew out of the ones I had, and I bought straight leg black pants. I think that's about as slimming as its gonna get. Luckily as Autumn and Winter come I'll be able to cover up with sweaters and surely by the time tank top weather comes around again I'll be back in shape. Good luck!

    • how will you be losing your weight? I have been really hard to lose the weight by exercising but it didn't really get me to anywhere after 4 months! :(

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    • For exercise I try to do at least an hour of exercise 5 times a week, which would come to a total of 5 hours per week. Ultimately, I'd like to do an hour every single day, but I don't always feel up to it. I do a mixture of cardio, stretching, and strength exercises (like crunches, push ups, squats, lunges, weights, etc..) Having more muscle means you burn more calories! I've been struggling with losing the weight too. It's hard since we aren't REALLY over weight so we don't see results instant

    • thank you dear. I have made all the same changes.

      I think for me walking gives me a lot of results. I have been able to lose 3 pounds in 2 weeks by just walking 2 hours every day if not more. this a time where I had to do a particular worship so it required me to walk a lot. but then I put all that weight back on as soon as I went back to my normal life.

  • how tall are you?

  • wow D cup boobs!

    • lol, is that big? they feel too small for the rest of my body!

    • jsut be glad you didn't lose them

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