Should I go talk to him?

So there's this guy I Think is really cute and I really want to talk to him but I'm to shy :( and plus I don't know if he has a girlfriend, I've seen him talk to other girls but they look nothin more than a friend, should I go talk to him and try to get with him or just let him be a crush I should get over?


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  • Talk with him. See if you'd like him more than for his good looks. Strike up a conversation. Don't miss out. Take chances.

    • So when I see him I should just go up to him and start a conversation?

    • Yeah. Don't make it too out of the blue. Comment on something you have in common, something that's in the environment. Give it a shot. :) Good luck.

    • Thats a great way to talk to him,

      I never thought of that,


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