What do when he gives me "the look"?

I slept with my friend once, a few weeks ago. He has a girlfriend, but I'm single. Our friendship is fairly new, only about 6 months, and based off the fact we've had almost identical life experience with the exception I'm in my early 20s and he's close to 30.

Two days ago I noticed he has started holding eye contact longer when we see each other and randomly looks over to me much more than before. Now whenever our eyes meet he gives me this look. Its hard to describe but totally makes me freeze for a few seconds, forget the rest of the world, and its almost like I can feel he is trying to say something to me. I noticed it after the other day when he made me blush tremendously hard from something unrelated to "the look" (he typically makes me blush a lot, but this time more so than ever before) and when he giggled from noticing how red I was, it just made me blush even more. Ever since then, he's given me this look and its freaking me out.

The scary part for me is that the last person who gave me this same exact look was my ex fiance, but we were together for months before he ever did. If you were him, what would you be thinking? If you were me, what would you do when he gives me this look?


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  • oh man!? Don`t freak me out, I do the same thing with my best friendgirl, I see her as a sister and sometimes hope she would like me enough to be my wife. She has no boyfriend and I no girl friend. But the truth is that when I overlook her often, it isn`t atraction, it`s really caring. I care for her to much, and am always making sure that she is happy. She does the same and always makes me laugh, that also is a reason I over look at her.

    So there are three options: He likes you?, You make him laugh and it entertains him? or he`s watching your feeling-caring for you "watching your back"?

    • He is protective of me in general so I can understand the "watching your back" idea. Can I ask why you say you see her as a sister and its not attraction but you hope to marry her someday?

    • It`s complicated, but I first knew her as my friend who I would have all the confidence to speak any topic with her, she had a boyfriend and I liked this girl. But when her boyfriend dumped her for another, then as I motivated her to cheer her up as she does with me, then I noticed that we havesome chemistry going on. She always fools with me by saying that she wants to marry me. May be its true?. But only the future may tell. Sorry for the delay. And thanks for asking.

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  • Who cares. You are a despicable person for intruding in that couple's relationship. You disgust me.

    • First of all, he came on to me first not the other way around. Secondly, I don't blame him for cheating on her when she cheats on him every other weekend basically then calls him during the week crying about how much she regrets it and really loves him. Its not intruding every time someone finds a new partner!

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