What would you think about a girl that mostly dates "brown" guys?

For instance I have dated two Hispanic guys and two guys from the middle east. I tried dating two white guys but not for very long.I feel a little embarassed, like I'm getting a reputation for only dating the "brown" guys, so much that I'm rethinking my current relationship. We look WEIRD together, I'm very white and blond and people stare when I'm with my "brown" boyfriend.. I like being around people of different cultures, and I like accents.. but another thing is that white guys seem to either not like me or not have the guts to ask me out, and there's a big difference in how they treat me. Is it really weird, though? Girls, are any of you like this as well?


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  • Why should it be weird? Keeping races pure is un-natural, you would actually produce superior mixed offsprings.

    • They would be genetically superior, since there will be more variability

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  • Just do not get pregnate in the doggy style position. You will, I repeat, you will have a puppy.


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  • Hey, if you like a guy, what does it matter whether or not you "look weird together."


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