Guys: Do nice girls intimidate you?

Say you met a really girl and even admitted to her that there is nothing you don't like about her... if you started acting hot and cold towards her is it because you're afraid of something or what?


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  • Hey! miss anonymous, I think you`re on the right track, that description might be that he is feeling something he is afraid of admitting, it might be that he is angry about something you said or had done or not done. He most probably lost some confidence. It is your task, as a girl interested in him, to help him express his feelings towards you and that way be the woman he has been waiting for. He`s afraid of trusting. That`s all.

    • Ah I'm so terrible at this. How would I help him express his feelings?

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    • I`m sorry for delaying you an answer, I guess I know about this matter, because I also am like a closed book, hard to open, avoiding getting hurt sentimentaly, that is.

      But there`s one girl that has touched my heart, she helps me cool down when I get angry, she gives me courage by motivating me, and when I`m in a bad mood, she forgives me, she is also hasty as I am, maybe that is why she understands me and my attitude. All you have to be is there for him, he will soon believe and give in to you

    • I love it.

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  • Men are more complicated than people realize. Having a committed relationship isn't as simple as people think otherwise the divorce rate wouldn't be so high. If he was already talking to you then no, he wasn't afraid of you. Guys who are afraid of you will avoid you completely. Nice girls are awesome. But some girls think they are nice girls but they aren't.

    • This didn't really help to answer my question but thank you for your input.

  • Nice girls are a breath of fresh air.

    That said, I judge a girl's "niceness" on a very shallow criterion.

  • Nice girls are boring. I prefer the bitches.

  • No I love nice wish there was more'out there!

  • Yes... I was afraid that I was falling in love with her, and that there were reasons outside our control that I wasn't going to be able to keep her. But to the question in the title: no.

    • (Clarified in case she reads this. I did fall in love with her. I was going hot-cold when I was scared of it, plus a bunch of other factors.)

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