Can you reinvent yourself?

Or are we so stuck in our ways that it is impossible?

I don't like style or lack of style. I like the 50s look classic chic but right now I'm a jeans and tshirt kinda guy. What are good ways of getting into that style?


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  • Yes you can reinvent yourself.

    Good ways are shopping at thrift stores, vintage stores, and buying retro clothing.

    • what kinda things should I look out for? thrift store round my way are bad for male clothes.

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    • i find finding trousers the hardest I have some nice slim sweaters and shirts

    • So you've got some of the wardrobe down just get some vests and jackets to go with the trousers and you're set.

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  • you can I used to dress like a total dork now I dress like a preppy person which is very popular in London ^^


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