I was told I look like a diva?

This guy I know told me I look like a diva?how should I take it?i said hi and was really nice to him and didn't act high maintanance at all..was it just because I wore a cute outfit?or does it mean something else?


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  • he was attracted and is flirting


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  • That you look high maintenance or extremely fashionable.

    ^ he put you look like a diva you don't have to act high maintenance to look it

    • rthats kinda judgmental tho, just because I wore something nice and put in a little effort that meant I am high maintainance?

    • lol guys are judgmental especially about clothes.

      If you wear anything that he deems provocative he thinks you're looking for male attention or you're a slut.

    • lol yeah guys can be so annoying,i hate stereotypes..

  • He probably thought you were too good for him, dressed better or something so he said it x

  • It is a compliment and insult...its either too flashy or you show poise and personality.

    • it was nothing flashy at all!it was just jeans and a cheetah print top and stud earrings.i only wore mascara &some brown eyeliner tooo.

    • LOL...flashy..to him maybe...

    • jeans can't get any flashier!loll.

  • how should we know.. post a pic or something

    • well I don't feel like posting a pic cause I'm 2 lazzy&i didn't take a pic of it. but I was just wearing jeans with a belt and a grey cheetah print top that day and earrings..nothing flashy at all.

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    • thankss for the input(:

    • no problem!:)

  • cool

    • lol k what an answer..

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