How to talk to girls?

im confident in my looks and I'm not afraid to talk to girls but its like whenever I talk to them I think way to hard about the body language. the tone and everything else. and I can keep the conversation but then it goes kinda dead.

then awkward. help?

i mean I can think of stuff but I tihnk it sounds stupid and like I'm trying to hard to talk to girls


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  • Just relax :) haha. girls are people too you know.

    I get interested when guys joke around and act silly while still paying attention to me - it's like an ice breaker. Don't try too hard. Chances are, if you're feeling awkward, she will know. And it's not a bad thing either... pretty cute, actually! Ask her one or two questions (like how's your day) to start the convo, and if she's the type that doesn't talk too much, tell her about the things that interest you. Whatever you do, remember to be genuine and confident.


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