The "ugly duckling to swan" situation. Thoughts...?

I would say it's the story of my life. When I was younger I wasn't pretty. I wasn't ugly really but I made a point of hiding my face and body because I was so shy and insecure. I would wear lose dark clothes all the time, I cut my hair fairly short with a long bang to flip over the side of my face, and I slouched around all the time. The truth was I was pretty depressed and it showed.

Over the years I gradually changed and got better. I went away on exchange for a year and came back "hot." I'm a confident and self assured woman now. I grew into my looks and amped up my style. Now I wear flattering clothes and you can see that I actually have a body. My hair is long and thick and I push it back so you can actually see that I have a pretty face I'm not trying to sound conceited but I'm easily one of the prettiest girls in my school. I almost want to bat away the people that look at me like "wtf what happened to you your so different!" The guys that used to ignore me/ say rude things to me are suddenly paying a lot of attention to me. I get it. Ugly ducking to swan. Story of my life.

Have you ever seen this? Experienced it? What are your thoughts on it?


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  • I've never experienced it, but I'm only 17, so maybe that will be store for me or maybe I'll stay the same (not ugly, just kinda of blah lol).

    But if I was in your position, I would personally ignore the people who chose to ignore me when I was the "ugly duckling."

    If you had the same personality before and they weren't interested, both the guys and girls, then why should they be interested now?

    I wouldn't bat an eye at guys who all of a sudden decide to act like I give a damn.

    That's just me.

    Anyways, people who experience ugly duckling syndrome tend to be the attractive girls with good personalities, cause they tend to place importance on personality. Not to say they overlook looks, but they tend to be the ones not so full of themselves.

    • yeah listen to what she said. ^^^^^ I agree.

    • I feel the same. I'm irritated how people that treated me badly before think they can just be buddy buddy with me now. Best answer!

    • Thanks:)

      But yeahh, you should associate with people who aren't judging your worth as a friend by appearance. You're the same person as before and they had no interest in you then, so why now? You should only associate with people who want to be your friend cause your bomb ass, not cause they simply find you more attractive.

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  • Yes this is also the story of my life lol. When I hit my teens I was also hit with bad skin and it did affect my confidence and other stuff, I didn't feel good for years, my hair was a mess too... but like when I hit 18/19 to now I started styling my hair, got my skin sorted and went crazy into my style and fashion, also topped it off with fancy cologne too lol. Now it's like I see girls I went to school with, and back then they wouldn't even give me the time of day and now they say hi to me and I can tell they're treating me differently than it was before... and people I haven't seen since the teen years are shocked and ask if I'm the same person. My thoughts on it are, at first I wish it didn't happen to me, I felt I missed out on all the teen crap like parties and having the first romance and all that stuff, but then I also think it might have been a blessing in surprise in the sense that I never did drugs, or I know not to judge people by their looks because I once looked terrible and I wasn't a bad person, and that I'm sorta 'innocent' by the fact that I never lost my virginity or any of that... I thought maybe someday a girl might appreciate that I kept it.

  • Yeah sure.

    As a kid/teen I was fat and awkward with huge man boobs, acne, crooked teeth, and an ugly face.

    Now I'm a confident, wry death-metal head who is uncharacteristically erudite, clad in the armor of badassery and sporting a proud mane of hair.

    I may mention, humbly if I may, that I am exceedingly fit.


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  • think of the guy that plays neville longbottom, lol. he went from


    • aww he was still adorable as a kid just not hot =)

  • Iv seen that happen with this guy that went to my church. Like he was really pimply, short, frail and nerdy looking. But then one summer I come to church and there is this really hot guy there. Pretty cool how people can change like that though! :]

  • ugly duckings are that kid who you wished you were nicer to in high school lol

  • Yes and its sickening how guys change


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