Cute first date hair style?

Hello! I am going on my first real this coming up weekend. I have natural curly hair, but I straighten it. The length is past my shoulders slightly. I recently just dyed it a lovely dark burgundy color.

I really would like to look the best I possibly can. My normal hairstyle consists of straight hair, but in the end I will add a few curls throughout to give it more body and look rather than fully straight...however, I am pretty tired of this hairstyle and would love to try something new on this special date.

Girls, or guys that knows a lot about hairstyles: What is a beautiful hairstyle that isn't TOO Hard to create? Please help! Visuals would help if available.

Thanks SO MUCH in advance!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Since you straighten your hair anyways, then you should just wrap your hair around the barrel of a curling iron. It's really cute ! Can't put up a link right now sorry :(


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