Can you make me over into a wealthy girl?

Here's the issue. My parents come from a lot of money. I go to college and they pay for my tuition, but unlike the other girls here, they don't pay for my clothes, my makeup, etc. They give me money on holidays but that's it. I want to look remarkable and wealthy, and I feel right now I look middle-class. Technically there is nothing wrong with that, but at my school, which is a very high-brow college, you need to learn how to pass to get by. What should I do to appear wealthy without actually spending a lot of money? I already wear pearl earrings most days (they're fake!) Anything else? I have light skin, dark eyes and naturally dark, straight hair.


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  • I was actually in the same situation back in college. My parents are very wealthy and growing up they paid for my car, school, books, gas, travel, etc. ,but they would never give me any spending money.

    What you need to do is prioritize where your money goes. Try to put the majority of your clothing budget towards classic pieces, like a little black dress, dark wash jeans, a short beige trench, and a few pairs of good, comfortable shoes. This will enable you to have stylish outfits year round. Also buy one or two great investment bags from Coach or Longchamp that you can use for years.

    Use the rest of your money for accessories and more inexpensive pieces that will come in and out of style. This includes chunky jewelry, wedges, cropped jackets, and any other trendy items that might not be as in next season.

    Nine West always has great, comfortable, and affordable shoes in tons of shapes and colors. Lord and Taylor is your best bet when it comes to cocktail and party dresses.

    Definitely wear your pearls every day that you don't have a big event and need to switch it up with something trendier. You can never go wrong with expensive jeans, a more inexpensive top, great looking flats, a statement bag, and cute jewelry. Maybe you can even ask your parents to buy you a pricey bag this Christmas.

    The two most important things are that your clothes and accessories are in great condition and that you have the right attitude. You shouldn't act as though you're better than everyone else, but never act ashamed of what you're wearing or carrying. Even celebrities shop at H&M sometimes.

    • Great advice! none of my friends seem to understand--either they don't come from money, or their parents pay for all of their shit! do you know a good more inexpensive store where I can find party clothes (like cute sexy tops) that won't look too cheap, for parties at college? I already shop at forever 21 a lot.

    • The Lord and Taylor sales rack is unreal, jcrew is great for casual shirts, and TJMaxx and Marshall's are actually good places to find inexpensive shoes, accessories, dresses, and apartment stuff. With the last two, you can definitely find great deals and good quality items if you look hard enough. It's always a hit or a miss, but the hits can be so good.

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  • The others had great advice, but I have a different perspective just for a sense of balance:

    Stop trying to "pass" and "get by".

    Truly wealthy people -- those with high net worth -- usually don't give a d@mn about having extremely stylish clothes. Truly wealthy people are wealthy _specifically_ because they don't try to impress others.

    Those who _look_ wealthy -- costly new cars, big fancy houses, designer clothes -- often aren't actually wealthy. They have a costly lifestyle, but often have little savings and low net worth. They make a million a year, and spend a million plus.

    Read "The Millionare Next Door". It'll blow your mind.

  • All I can really add is this: look at magazines/TV/other people/whatever, for what look you want. Go to a bunch of stores until you see things like that...

  • I say be different, stand out from the crowd and do it with some style. If it wasn't for the middle class, they would not be so wealthy. Buy yourself a t-shirt that says "I roll with Mike Rowe" and wear it proudly.


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  • It's not about how much is spent on the clothes and accessories, it's about how well they fit and look on you. First rule of thumb is to spend the extra $2-5 on tailoring and hemming so that everything fits you perfectly. It makes your wardrobe look great and different, as off the rack clothes never fit anyone perfectly.

    Second, find some cute boutique stores that do knock-offs, find stores like Banana Republic outlet stores, and shop during sales/online to grab some good deals. And always go classic. Don't do trendy, as it will be out and you'll have to throw it to the back of your closet for years until it comes back into style, but that cute turtleneck or those nice black boots will always be there. Spend your money on good, classic pieces and you'll get more use out of the clothing.

    Third, see what Neiman Marcus, Macy's, etc. are carrying, and then find cheaper, yet nice, versions. Cosmo, I know, does a part in their magazine showing the couture version versus a cheap version they found somewhere. I loved this Dior jacket I saw, but can't afford it while in school. But I found an almost replica in New York & Company for $600 cheaper.

    Finally, if it doesn't bother you, you can always do the EBay thing. You'd be surprised how cheap you can get some Jimmy Choos on there, and mine were in excellent condition. Sure, I had to sanitize them for my peace of mind, but they're too cute.

    Last but not least, be you. Don't do this to fit in. Wear what you like, just wear good versions of it. If you like hoodies, make sure you get nicer ones, not the ones that scream Hot Topic. If you like trendy, don't buy The Body Shop, but buy from somewhere with quality. And Shop Sales! You can always pick up great clothes in high end stores during sale time.

  • for a start I would suggest if you can get a job. horror I know but do what I did. it made my parents proud that I wanted to learn 'the value of money' so proud in fact that they doubled my wages. As the knew I was earning my own money and not overspending theirs. it will help to raise your funds. i

    nvest in decent make up always yet keep it natural you can buy a decent foundation for around well I work in pounds so £17 and buy a decent mascara eyeliner and eye pallet. my whole makeup bag only has the most essential items yet they are good quality.

    hair a simple classy cut.

    im with the shopping in boutiques esspesialy in the sales.

    dresses if your like me I never wear a dress twice espesialy not for social events but you can pick p designer dresses after christmas in the sales for hardly anything. I got a dress that had like 95% off .

    find a decent tailor who can fit your clothes I always used to have my dresses refitted so they fit perfectly.

    invest in some decent jeans from shops where they are expensive but have a good fit. I'm guessing that you are not in the uk so I can't give suggestions.


    basic polo necks


    designer t-shirts (not blatenly obvious)

    skirts at least one nice black one

    smart dresses for day use too.

    shoes invest in good pairs never cheap ones as they never last as long.

    • Thanks, and I'm definitely not horrified by getting a job--i want a job, but because I'm not on scholarship, nobody on campus will hire me, and my school is too far away from everything else for me to get a job in town, because I don't have a car.

  • wow I wish I had my parents to pay for my tuition, you're such a lucky duck. um idk. but maybe ask your friends.

  • 'you need to learn how to pass to get by' get a brain and pass with that. have a happy life by using your brain to get what you want. money won't solve everything. oh and I'm middle class. please just don't be a rich b*tch.