Hey guys, what do you look for in a girl?

brains & talent? maybe.. eye color & height? or.. personality & humor? what characteristics do you look for in a girl that makes you like them?


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  • To be cute shy and have nice personality to love me really and if she do all that she will deserve my life.


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  • do.

    Here is an except from my list, each carry certain point values and some are wildcard deal-breakers:

    *Not taller than me wearing heels

    *Not fatter than me

    *was born in the same country as me

    *Same race

    **Same culture

    ***Same religion or former religion

    ****carries dual citizenship

    *****has second passport

    ******secondary citizenship is full-has national id in that country

    *******has foreign property

    *speaks my first language

    *speaks english

    *speaks a third language

    **speaks french

    *can play an instrument

    *dual education elementary (Friday/Saturday school)

    **dual education high school (Friday/Saturday school)

    *college or better

    **degree is in engineering or science

    ***if college, then degree is dualized ($500 license at consulate)


    *b or c cup breasts

    *blue or green eyes


    *glasses - but not pop-bottles

    *parents are not divorced

    *uses unix - mac, linux or other

    *can ski

    *like to travel

    *hasn't cheated

    *isn't a ni99er digger

    *isn't a gold digger

    *makes at least 75% of what I make

    *not a skank or tramp (that includes no tramp-stamp)

    *not too outgoing

    *not too pretty

    *descent looking parents (ages well)

    **descent looking grandparents (ages well)

    *no missing limbs

    *no diseases

    *ABO blood type match

    *RH match

    *she is fully functional-the plumbing and hardware

    *can drive stick

    *can shoot a gun



    *strong willed

    *doesn't use regular birth control to avoid her period (frying her nads) - condom (and day after pill if it breaks should be enough)

    *strong back

    *muscular frame

    This is an excerpt, not the full list and I don't have the point values displayed...

    Obviously no such woman exists and I will accept less, but certain things have heavier weights than others and such...certain qualities will nullify shortcomings...

  • It's 50/50 between appearance and personality. I have to have both.


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