Now I really don't care if I am looking good or not?

Before I really cared for this so much and didn't believe in my self because of that. But today I understand something,when I feel to say those words from deep of my heart.

If you was in hell I would come no matter how much pain I will feel there.

Is already more painful in heaven with out you, every pain with you is fun, every fun with out you is pain.

I just understand today is not worth to die for love

is worth to die for someone that deserve to be loved.

Someone will hate me because of this but should I care?


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  • You are very good looking, and yes, you should care, becausd there is a woman out there who is your perfect match, who will love you like you deserve to be loved, and who would do for you what you would do for her.


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  • Don't say your unattractive, I think your handsome lol. You look like my boyfriend. No joke.

    • Thanks your boyfriend is so lucky to have you.

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    • You just described me, I'm sure there are other girls out the like me who would feel the same if you were the right guy. You can find the person and will. Your a wonderful persona and a great guy. Looks are just looks, it's what's on the inside that counts.

    • Thank you in this world didn't left girls like you it's like 10000/1 and it's hard to find someone like you. Life is really hard boring painfull much things that make it hard but if there is someone you love and she love you back just to hear that I miss you is like you are in heaven. How I could stop miss her when she is not near me when I can't stop miss her when she is near me.

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