What does a hot Asian chick look like?

from what I've heard, in Asia, you're generally considered pretty if your face features are Caucasian (big eyes, perfect nose, small head) and if you're near underweight...

What's different about Asian girls who you think are hot, pretty, or attractive? do you look at her body more than her face? or are we basically the "same thing"? (haha)


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  • There's this combination of long silky black hair, with dark eyes, that's so fairy-like. And they have really baby-like facial features, very adorable. Don't know many hot Asian women though, almost only cute.


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  • Nice skin is probably the first thing I notice. Example: link Michelle Yeoh.


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  • LOL... well I guess not All... I always amazed in caucasian looks... they do have a nice butt a big one nice hips,nice eyes color,nice body in general... I am Asian part of chinese and spanish,filipina but not in my looks lol.. but I don't consider myself as an attractive one.. so I guess it depends...

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