I'm ugly, but the girl I love is beautiful... what do I do?

Okay, so I met this girl 3 1/2 years a go, and it was love at first sight. She's perfect in every way and every day it's hard to believe that she's real and not just an amazing dream. She's so perfect, she completely changed my view of girls, I used to look at them as just toys to play with in bed, and that I'd never use them for anything else, but when I met her, I realized they're worth infinitely more than that, especially her. Anyway, we're close friends, and she knows I love her, but she doesn't feel the same way. I was thinking that maybe if I was more attractive, that maybe she'd fall for me. I have braces, glasses, annoyingly unmanageable hair (it's a mix of curly, straight, and wavy, but even if I try straightening it, it ends of sticking out and looking really frizzy, and if I just comb it, I have to use a TON of water to get it to lay down, and even then, after it dries, it springs up so that it looks like I just got out of bed.) I also have moderate acne scaring, and my body is just OK, I need to work out though. So, what do you think I should do to improve my looks so that I can try to win her over? If you want, you can post links to pics of a style you think might work for me (hair style, clothing style, anything you think that might improve my looks). Also, what could I do for her to show that I love her and that no one could possibly treat her better than me, Because she's been hurt by all of her past boyfriends, and I don't want her to be turned off to dating just because some jerks hurt her. Please be very specific and through with your answers, she means the world to me, and I want to get this right. And I mean it, she means everything to me, I'd die for her, literally, without hesitation.


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  • she'll figure out that the only guy who she wants to be with is her close friend. trust me. all great relationships start out as friendships. haven't you ever seen a rom-com? kidding. but what I can predict based on your description is that she'll realize the she feels comfortable being herself around you and that you'll love her for who she really is. all you have to do is continue being her close friend. like someone said earlier, girls don't get caught up in looks (too much). if she sees you as a great person, she'll start to be physically attracted to you no matter what. with that said, contacts will get rid of those glasses. eating healthy will improve your skin so much and working out never hurt anyone. for the hair, I suggest looking up a celebrity with similar characteristics (skin color, face shape, hair texture, bone structure, etc.) and observing how they are styled. copy that and you'll get celeb stylist treatment.


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  • then be happy. girls aren't like guys...we aren't stimulated through visuals more so through the mind...so obviously you don't really need to worry...just hurry up and marry her, 3 years is a long time and if you have such strong feelings for her, then why not.


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  • +contacts

    +those braces will come off eventually

    +idk if you hair is actually that bad, but there are styles for every type of hair

    +work out

    +invest in some clothes that compliment your natural style

    • My eyes are a bluish-grey color, do you think I should try colored contacts, maybe to make my eyes stand out a little more or something while I wear the contacts? If so, what color(s)?

    • no, not colored, use your natural eye color. My eyes are that color and I think they look pretty good tbh

  • She doesn't like you, you don't make her tingle. Get some dignity. You will NEVER get her.



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