Why do men with wondering eyes want to get married?

This is based on observation of men I have come across who have wondering eyes and are married. These I've known have no children, so it wouldn't be because of that. Guys out there wanna comment?
Ok I'll be more specific. The kind of men who would want to do any woman. They were prone before they were married. I get the vibe that they are trying to repress it when they get married. The start of the marriage was probably fine but as time dwelled, they get bored of their wivese. I'm just seeing the marriage waiting to go bust.
Not just look. They'd flirt and make propositions (though subtle ones).


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  • Do you mean guys who keep looking at other women? In that case, men like to look at women. They can be perfectly happy with their relationship, think they have the most beautiful woman at their side, and still look. It's as natural as a woman liking shopping.

    • Agreed.

    • @update : A lot of men who whore around are guys who were looking for a real girlfriend, but got their heart broken by bitches. So some of them meet the right girl that they can trust and merry her.

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  • Hmmm, If I had a "wandering" eye, I wouldn't get married because it wouldn't be fair to the girl I was marrying. With that said, I'm a very monogamous person, so I would only be looking to be close and intimate with one person.

    • Tue, but sometimes you would still look out of instinct right?

    • Without an interest maybe, but I'd be looking at my own woman first. :)

  • I think it's an ego thing. One of my guy friends is absolutely in love with his girlfriend but he flirts with other girls when we hang out just to see if he's still got game.


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