What Are Signs A Guy Is Attracted?

He glances over at me quite a bit from afar, all casual and calm like he is surveying the whole room rather than looking at me, but then again he turns his back to my side of the room sometimes as well...

He seems so calm and composed and confident, never stutters when talking to friends if I'm nearby, but won't look at me. Won't make eye contact.

I caught him looking at me from like 2 metres away maybe? a while ago while he was talking to some guy, but this time he didn't look away but rather just kept looking at me and I was looking at him and then he continued his convo with his friend and looked away. (I'm insecure so I assumed I must've looked ridiculous or something..)

Its hard for me to tell because I think he's with me the way he is with everybody in term of body language and looking (we Haven't spoken ever). This is his workplace and he looks around a lot at everyone and everything... So is there anything I can look for to see if he finds me attractive?


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  • Like magnets: when he stays close to you, or doesn't mind being close to you, and doesn't mind talking with you, then surely he's attracted somewhat. But sometimes there's no way of telling the difference between him not liking you or him consciously not letting you know. Secrets...


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